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What Would You Do?

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Messenger No. 4 is open and truly wonderful.

I don’t like much, I’m kinda sorta known for not liking things and I like Messenger No. 4. It’s smart and funny… and I keep saying it in odd places here and there, but the cast makes it joyous.

Some plays bring you intensity that live performance heightens, but true joy on stage is something that film can’t mimic – so if you enjoy feeling good and have a chance to come down to the Blue Theatre I really recommend you do.

But I mean to use this space for the business side of art today.

This cast of ten goes to the mat every night in a grueling sprint, portraying upwards of 50 characters (animate and in) and I feel strongly that the entire team should be pulling equally.  So I’m trying to in my own way.

Two weeks ago we began a Kickstarter to fund Messenger No. 4 With one week remaining we are 60% funded (and thank you to all of our backers!) The “premiere” item is at the $500 level. I offer to tattoo a name of your choice on my leg. While I don’t expect many to be able to afford that level of support, I want you to understand that that’s my level of commitment.

Knowing that I’m willing to have a needle scrape your name into my leg you should understand that a little humiliation is no big deal…
So as a reminder that we still need your help and in celebration of making it so far I offer you my adaptation of the Hanson classic, “Mmmmbop”.

If you can afford to give, please do.

We had a lot of fun coming up with a rewards package and I think you can find something in your price range. Plus if we make it one backer has already ensured that I have to get tattooed!

Thank you for all the support.

Kickstart our hearts

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Messenger No. 4 (or… How to Survive a Greek Tragedy)

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We’ve been hard at work for the past two months, and we now have a lively new production for your viewing pleasure.

Written and Directed by Will Hollis Snider, Messenger No. 4 or How to Survive a Greek Tragedy opens Friday, February 17th at The Blue Theatre (916 Springdale Rd).

Scenic Design: Ia Enstera
Lighting Design: Megan Reilly
Costume Design: Glenda Barnes
Choreography: Rachel Wiese
Fight Choreography: Andrew Rodgers

Propelled by an award-winning ensemble portraying over 50 characters from the Greek classics and Shakespeare’s masterpieces featuring Jessica Allen, Karina Dominguez, Camille Latour, Vanessa Marroquin, Joey Melcher, Megan Minto, Daniel Sawtelle, Elena Weinberg, Rachel Wiese and Andrew Rodgers in the title role.

THE STORY: Messenger No. 4 longs for something grander than message delivery, so one day he takes it upon himself to SHOW and not TELL. While fiddling with messenger speeches leads to streamlined plot points and dynamic scenes, it also unfortunately leads to the accidental erasure of history’s greatest plays and –quite possibly–reality itself. Complete with sword fights, alternate universes, and an epic dance break, Messenger No. 4 is a high energy tour of love, fate and the Western Cannon.

To purchase tickets: visit


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